Amsterdam Fashion

As I mentioned in an earlier post,  I spent my spring break travelling to Amsterdam and Prague.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Amsterdam has some wonderful fashion! (and that Prague, well…doesn´t!)

Amsterdam is a great city for vintage shops and small boutiques, which I think are some shopping experiences that Madrid lacks.  The Tribunal-Alonso Martinez-Chueca area is up and coming in that sense, lately a few select vintage shops are popping up, but it´s still no where Amsterdam in that sense.

One of the best areas to shop in boutiques is called the¨Nine Streets¨.  This area is outside of the Red Light District and the main center, near the Anne Frank House.  This was my favorite part of town (it´s called the Jordaan area) as it was not ´seedy´at all and had some amazing little shops and restaurants.  The only downside was that it was fairly expensive.

You can find more information here on the NINE STREETS.

One of my favorite shops below (please excuse the less than perfect pictures) was De Maagd De Leeuw.  I was obsessed with these clutches in which the handles double as ´rings´.  This shop can be found in the Nine Streets, more specifically on Hartenstraat 32.

De Maagd De Leeuw

A great area for vintage shops is just walking from the red light district, more specifically on Kloveniersburgwal with Nieuwe Hoogstraat you can find several little vintage shops, there is a used english bookstore around the corner, and more fun little boutiques.  As these are more vintage and second hand, obviously the prices are cheaper.

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, make sure to head to these areas for a unique shopping experience.

Jon Kortajarena Does the Camino de Santiago

Heart throb Spanish model, Jon Kortajarena was spotted doing the Camino de Santiago last week.  He´s the best looking pilgrim I´ve ever seen.  For those of you who don´t know, it´s basically a pilgrimage walk that ends in Santiago de Compostela, a city in the Galician region of Spain.   I´ve included a photo of him at Fashion Week followed by a photo of him doing the Camino.  Just as handsome au natural as all done up, no?  Enjoy this treat ladies!

Christian Louboutin Opens European Website

YES! The launch of CL´s European website has finally arrived.  It was set to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first store opening in Paris in 1992.

There will even be styles not offered to the United States and Canada on the site (ohhhh exclusivity!) .  The website is a fun shopping experience and, according to Vogue, vibrant and eclectic – featuring “red soles as far as the mouse can click” and reflecting the world of Louboutin, inspired particularly by his love of travel.

Even if you can´t afford Loubs, you can atleast enjoy the very sensory experience given on the website!

United Nude comes to Madrid!

United Nude is a brand of shoes founded on conceptual design, elegance and innovation.  Each of the stores, designed by architect and co-founder  Rem D Koolhass includes an all black, no light experience, except where the shoes are featured.  Below is an image of the London Flagship Store.

Here are some images of their spring-summer collection:

The shoes are amazing and the great news is:  a pop up store has opened in Madrid!  I can´t wait to check it out.  The shop will be open until July.    A sneak photo:

Claudio Coello 38 28001 Madrid

Beauty Dinners: A New Concept

What WILL they think of next?  Now you can not only eat a healthy and delicious dinner with friends but you can also get a makeover at the same time.  Zamburiña, a restaurant that combines a gourmet dining experience with ´takeaway´food, now offers beauty dinners every Thursday.  While you munch on delicious and healthy foods, a makeup team from Cazcarra Image Group gives you a makeover!   What a great idea, perfect for a bachelorette event, a birthday, or simply put-a girls night out!

To reserve your beauty dinner: email:

Other details:


Avenida Brasil 6

91 110 7777


Michael Kors Shop Opening In Madrid!

Exciting news! One of my favorite designers, Michael Kors, will soon have a boutique right here in Madrid.  Above all, I really like Michael Kors bags.  They are stylish and comfortable, with great quality leather.  They are usually a very reasonable price and aren´t all ´logo-ed´out, like some other designers are.  I am also a fab of their shoes and of course the more economical brand ´Michael´by Michael Kors.

The shop will be opening on Calle Serrano 32.   The store will occupy a space of 600 meters squared  and it will be spread over two floors.   As you can see below in the picture, they are working on fixing up the store right now.  As of right now, I currently cannot find out their opening date, but I am sure the shop will be inagurated and of course I will be posting as soon as I know more information.

Other gossip…apparently the brand is looking for retail space in Barcelona on the Passeig de Gracia, as well as Las Rozas Village in the outskirts of Madrid.  More to come on this!

Ask Lori: The Pleated Maxi-Dress…and How to Wear it!

One of my very best friends, MP, has asked me how she can get in on this trend: The Pleated Maxi Dress.  It´s an excellent question and below…some good news!

Shorts and talls alike can participate in this trend, hooray!  The pleated maxi dress is the newest hottest version of the maxi and I have three tips below to make sure you look fabulous if you decide to sport it.

1.  If you are short and at all bulky, make sure your dress has a waistline of some sort, otherwise you will just drown away in it.  These three below are some great examples of ones I would wear, being 5´2.

This one is perfect, got a waistline, a great spring color…you can find it Banana Republic.

This beige dress from Desire Clothing UK is fun because it´s belted, therefore shaping the waist.

This Kaboodle dress is unique because it´s got a waistline and it´s sheer on the bottom, which is a fun twist.

2.  Only if you have model like proportions should you try to sport a pleated maxi without a waistline. Otherwise you will literally look like a house.  See a few examples below that really…only the tall and thin can rock.  Short girls, avoid these!

This one from Halston is certainly lovely…but not for anyone with normal proportions.

This dress from ASOS seems like it has a small empire style waistline but in reality it doens´t, therefore, as we can see from the back it makes the model even look large.  Ladies…don´t try this one at home.  Unless your pregnant, in which case it´s quite stylish and comfy!

3.  Finally, I highly recommened, since this style of dress is quite covering and due to the pleats, has alot of material, you should try to stay away from anything long sleeved, high necked, etc.  You are already covering up your legs and you don´t want it to look like you are wearing a robe or mumu.  For example, these high necked  dresses are pretty in theory, but I think I´d would look like a grandma wearing it.  Try to keep your shoulders, neck and arms exposed when wearing pleated maxi´s.

Good luck, and get shopping!

DISCLAIMER: These suggestions are just my opinions…if you think something looks right, or feels right…go for it!